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The Healthcare Information Management Outsourcing Association of the Philippines is a non-stock, non-profit industry organization recognized by the Philippine government and BPO industry. The association was registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission in October 16, 2003.

HIMOAP prides itself in bringing together the Philippines’ most distinguished and active players in the healthcare information management documentation outsourcing industry towards a common endeavor. The association serves the needs of the HIM service organizations, HIM Education and training centers and vendors as it promotes the Philippines as the destination of choice for quality Healthcare Information Management outsourcing services







Please be informed that HIMOAP BOARD has passed BOT Resolution No. 001 Series of 2013 adopting a new HIMOAP Membership Fee table which will take effect starting 11 April 2013.  


The NEW RATES will only apply to all incoming members of HIMOAP for the year 2013.  This NEW RATES will not apply to HIMOAP member companies inducted before the adoption of this resolution when they renew their membership for 2013. The NEW RATES will apply to all incoming and old HIMOAP members by January 1, 2014 onwards.


Please click HERE to view new rates.


For inquiries, please email executiveassociate@himoap.com

or call (632) 218-7642 / 0927-8777755



HIMOAP Scoping Tool for HIM Course in the Philippines

Service opportunities in the healthcare information management space present a promising future for the Philippines in terms of investment and job generation.  HIMOAP intends to better understand the requirements of its members in order to develop the most relevant talent development initiatives to increase the employability of healthcare professionals and graduating students in the allied health courses for HIM-related jobs in the Philippines and abroad.   

Please rate the following learning outcomes based on their relevance to your organization's current and immediate requirements.  We highly encourage managers engaged in the operations to respond to this scoping tool.  To access the survey please click this link HIMOAP SCOPING TOOL


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